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It recently become public knowledge that the Kaplon building in Brunswick will finally be getting a tenant, in the form of Railroad Beer and Wine. They are pending a liquor board hearing on October 30th in order to have their license approved.

Part of the liquor licensing requirement is that the applicant must find 10 individuals whom are registered voters in the same voting precinct as the establishment, own property, and are reputable citizens (this one is a little vague). This is a pretty standard requirement for any government document, I had to collect 20 signatures on my City Council application that thought I should be able to run.

Here’s where it get’s interesting. One of these citizens, Tom Wyrick (of the 3 Paragraphs) was listed as a signatory. According to Mr. Wyrick, he signed no such document. I requested the full application from Kathy Dean, administrator of the Frederick County Liquor Board last night and received it this morning. I also realized that Mr. Wyrick was one of the signatories on my City Council application, I actually went to his house and he signed it right in front of me. Given that the Council application happened over a year ago with me present, I feel like it is the best litmus for what Mr. Wyrick’s signature actually looks like. There is no chance for Tom to obfuscate, change, or attempt to sign a new document in a different way. Let’s do a comparison of the signatures:

May 2016 Beasley for Brunswick application:





October 2017 Railroad Beer and Wine application:


I am not a forensic handwriting analyst, so I am not going to pretend to be some authoritative source on identifying an individual based on their handwriting. But a few key points:

  • The street names do not match (4th versus Fourth)
  • Middle initial is used in one, but not the other.
  • Full first name used in one, but not the other (“Thomas” versus “Tom”)

In my humble and non-expert witness opinion, these are two different people that signed both of these documents.

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