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Chief of Staff Michael Hough?

According to two sources in Maryland, it appears that State Senator Michael Hough has a new gig down in DC.

The State Senator from District 4 is now serving as Chief of Staff for Congressman Alex Mooney out of West Virginia.

Let me postulate here for a moment. From what I understand in my conversations with former Congressional staffers, the role of Chief of Staff is one which involves long hours in both DC and district, all year around. It is unclear how Senator Hough will be able to fulfill his duties as a State Senator during the 2018 General Assembly while also serving in DC as Chief of Staff.

I am confident that someone as fiscally conservative as Hough would not double-dip and utilize any personal relationships with his boss to skip out of working for his federal taxpayer-funded paycheck in DC while working for his state taxpayer-funded paycheck in Annapolis.

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