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The Curious Case of Dueling Rallies

If you are one of the protest-inclined, there is sure to be something for you to do this week. On Wednesday, the ACLU of Maryland is organizing a protest of Sheriff Jenkins’s implementation of the 287(g) program in Frederick County. As you can expect, those whom support the Sheriff are organizing a counter protest.

Back in March, I interviewed Sheriff Jenkins concerning 287(g), you can listen to the parts about 287(g) here.

Also on Wednesday, the Frederick County Board of Education is set to vote on Policy 443, a flawed and poorly-written policy concerning the treatment of transgender and gender non-conforming students which is being passed solely for anti-Trump political advocacy desires of one person. As you can expect, there will be people in support of and people opposed.

Also originally scheduled on Wednesday, but cancelled, was a meeting of the Frederick County Human Relations Commission, the same organization that abruptly cancelled a forum on sanctuary jurisdictions when conservatives within the County started RSVPing. Don’t forget that County Executive Jan Gardner runs this commission, the same way she runs the ethics commission. Members of County Commissions have already resigned shortly after disagreeing with her (Ethics Commission following the ruling that teachers can vote on the budget and Kirby can bid on County projects) in public, there is no reason to expect the HRC is any different.

I do not believe in coincidences, period. As conservatives have jobs and cannot attend endless government meetings during the week, it seems to me that there was an effort to hold both rallies at the same time to dilute Anti-443 and Pro-Law voices. The usual Democrat suspects, those without jobs that are exercising their white male privilege to have someone else generate income to support their lifestyle, will probably be at both events. I mean, you have two sides of a sign, so why not just turn it around for the new rally?

Of course, the rallies will be accompanied by some slanted and dishonest media coverage of both events. The Anti-443 crowd will be portrayed as transphobic and hateful, as the rhetoric has already started. Seriously, get over yourselves. I don’t care where you pee, but I do care when you get a teacher fired for an honest mistake or sweep a track meet because you have the chemical equivalent of anabolic steroids to give you a performance advantage. The Pro-Law voices will be portrayed as fascist Neo-Nazis, because that’s what the cool kids are doing. Of course, this drivel falls flat when you actually take 13 seconds to read what 287(g) actually is. No law enforcement agency is hunting down illegal immigrants and taking them out of their bed in the middle of the night with M16s and MRAPs. They are only honoring legal warrants issued by a court of law.