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Eye on Our Community

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030518  Sister Roberta Treppa and Kelly Mays from the Seton Center in Emmitsburg

021218 David Brooks from Brooks Behavioral Health Services on addiction assessment and treatment

110917 Operation Christmas Child

103017 Michael O’Connor Frederick City mayoral candidate

091817 Donna Kuzemchak 4th term candidate for Alderman on Frederick City Council

082917 Michael w/ Kristen Harris mother of Zachary who died of a heroin overdose 2014

082817 Kai w/ Democratic candidate for Frederick City Alderman Todd Anderson

082117 Kai w/ Democratic candidate for Frederick City Alderman Ben MacShane

080717 Michael w/ Chris Bugher and Linda King “Frederick Strong”

061917 Kai w/ Alderman Kelly Russell

061317 Special EOC Frederick Panel Discussion: Advancing the Public Interest

052217 Kai w/ Roger Wilson candidate for City of Frederick Alderman

042417 Kai w/ James van Kuilenburg talking about Trans issues

041017 Kai w/ Conrad Weaver – Heroin’s Grip

032017 Kai w/ Mike Barnes

031317 Kai w/ Katherine Heerbrandt The Frederick Extra

022017 Kai w/ County Executive Jan Gardner

020617 Kai w/ Steve McKay – ethics legislation

112116 Kelly Schulz w/ Michael Betteridge

111516 Kai w/ Jim Racheff & Dave Schmidt

110716 Kai w/ Mark Hershfield

102516 Ron Young w/ Kai
101816 Attorney Mary Vargas w/ Ysela

101716 Democratic Congressional candidate Jamie Raskin w/ Kai

101416 Jack Pabis artist & Melissa Adeholt w/ Ysela

100416 Ysela Bravo-Schwetje w/ Kai

100316 Adam Umak Frederick Fact Check w/ Kai

092916 Billy Shreve: Co-Chair of Trump Maryland w/ Katherine

092816 Katherine Heerbrandt: The Frederick Extra w/ Kai

092616 Hugh Gordon: Interfaith Housing Alliance w/ Kai

091916 Elizabeth Chung: Asian American Center and Health Fair w/ Kai

091516 WLR Michelle Rankin w/ Michael Betteridge

091416 Karen Russell: Organizer of Climate Change Working Group w/ Kai

091316 Chris Bugher: Marriage Resource Center and Unity Campaign w/ Phil Arlinghaus

091216 Amie Hoeber: Congressional Candidate for the 6th District w/ Kai

090816 Eric Beasley & Ryan Miner w/ Katherine

090716 Bruce Zavos: Affordable Housing w/ Kai

090116 Guy Fletcher and Nancy Luse: Frederick Magazine w/ Katherine

083116 Del. Young w/ Kai

082516 Del. Krimm and Melanie Cox w/ Katherine

082316 Rick Slade, Superintendent: Catoctin Mt Park w/ Katherine

082216 Elizabeth Cromwell, President: Chamber of Commerce w/ Kai

081516 Vision Survey/Michael Betteridge w/ Kai

081116 Elizabeth Barrett w/ Katherine

080816 Tad Jones w/ Kai

080316 Elizabeth Bauer w/ Kai

080216 Myrna Whitworth & Jim Racheff w/ Katherine

080116 Thurmont Little League w/ George Puvel

072616 Barry Kissin w/ Katherine

072516 Dave Schimdt w/Kai

072116 Tim Rowland w/ Katherine

072016 Don DeArmon w/ Kai

071916 Danny Farrar w/ Katherine

071816 Suzanne Feldman w/ Kai

070616 Fernando Herboso w/ Kai

070516 Kevin Kendro Supervisor of Athletics Frederick County w/ Michael

063016 Richard Griffin and Peter Samuel w/ Katherine

062916 Thomas Meyer w/ Kai

062816 Wayne Stackhouse w/ Katherine

062716 Caroline Eader w/ Kai

062316 Joshua Lyons w/ Katherine

062216 Sheriff Chuck Jenkins w/ Katherine

062016 Kimberly Brandt 1000 Friends of MD w/ Kai

051716 Kristopher Fair Wertheimer award winner w/ Katherine

051216 MaryLynn Hinde Student Homelessness Initiative Partnership (SHIP) w/ Katherine

050916 Dana French Livable Frederick w/ Kai

050516 Caroll Krimm Maryland State Delegate w/ Katherine

050416 Ben Alexandro Water Policy Advocate w/ Kai

042816 Diane Fink Exec. Dir. Emerge-MD w/ Katherine

042716 Kai, Michael & Dave Schmidt talk politics

042616 Jan Gardner Frederick County Executive w/ Katherine

042516 Chrys Kefalas US Senatorial candidate for Maryland w/ Katherine

042216 Operation Christmas Child – Dan Bonesteel, Lisa Summers and Tammy Guttry w/ Michael Betteridge

042116 Michael Hough Maryland State Senator and Ted Cruz state campaign chairman w/ Michael Betteridge

042016 Chris Van Hollen Maryland Senatorial candidate w/ Kai

041916 Cindy Rose Frederick County Board of Education candidate w/ Katherine

041816 Joy Schaefer Frederick County Board of Education candidate w/ Kai

041416 Karen Lewis Young Maryland Delegate from District 3A w/ Katherine

041316 Jamie Raskin 8th Maryland Congressional district Democratic candidate w/ Kai

041116  Tony Chmelik County Councilman w/ Kai

040816 Shirley McDonald Frederick County Board of Education candidate w/ Kai

040716 Guy Fletcher and Nancy Luse Frederick Magazine w/ Katherine

040616 Dr. Zakir Bengali Frederick County Board of Education candidate w/ Kai

040416 Ken Kerr Frederick County Board of Education candidate w/ Kai

040116 David Trone 8th Maryland Congressional district Democratic candidate w/ Kai

033016 Tony Puca 6th Maryland Congressional district Democratic candidate w/ Kai

032916 Ned Bond Frederick City blight w/ Katherine

032516 Steve McKay President, RALE w/ Kai

032416 Mike Bunitsky Frederick County Board of Education candidate w/ Katherine

032116 Will Jawando 8th Maryland Congressional district Democratic candidate w/ Kai

031916 Frederick County Board of Education debate moderated by Kai

031616 Jim Racheff w/ Kai

030516 8th Congressional District Democratic debate

030716 Walter Olson from Cato Institute w/ Kai on Gerrymandering

030316 Dr. Ku McMahan Team lead for Securing Water For Food w/ Katherine

030216 Joel Rubin 8th Congressional District Democractic candidate w/ Kai

030116 Jack Dale Former superintendent of Fairfax and Frederick county public schools w/ Katherine

022416 Kathleen Matthews Candidate for 8th Congressional District w/ Kai

022516 Shawn Stout w/ Katherine

022216 Jim Racheff w/ Kai

021816 Kirby Delauter Frederick County Council member from District 5 w/ Katherine

021716  Dave Schmidt w/ Kai and Michael

021116 Dr. Lois Jarman Frederick County teacher and candidate for the Frederick County Board of Education w/ Katherine

020216 Nick Diaz Math Educator/Renaissance Man w/ Katherine

012816 Elin Ross Exec. Dir. Federated Charities w/ Katherine

012016 Karin Tome Mayor of Brunswick w/ Kai

011916 Chris Haugh local historian and filmmaker w/ Katherine

011716 Derek Shackelford community activist, minister and author of Power Pill w/ Katherine

011216  Kim Dow from Sass Magazine w/ Katherine

011116  Kumar Barve candidate for US Congress 8th Congressional District of MD w/ Kai

010716  Guy Fletcher Editor Frederick Magazine w/ Katherine

010616  Karen Lewis Young MD State Delegate w/ Kai

010416  Jay Mason Candidate for Frederick County Bd of Ed w/ Kai

121615 Joshua Pedersen, CEO of the United Way of Frederick County w/ Kai

121415 Hermine Bernstein Blessings in a Backpack w/ Kai

121015 Cindy Rose, Advocate for student and parent rights w/ Katherine

120915 Cheryl Grese Operation Paws for Homes w/ Kai

120715  Matt Seubert VP of RALE w/ Kai

120315  John W. Ashbury, editor, publisher and owner of The Tentacle w/ Katherine

120215  Bud Otis, President Frederick County Council w/ Kai

120115  Russ Hodge, Pres. 3Roads Communication w/ Katherine

111915  Amanda Haddaway, author and human resource specialist, w/ Katherine

111815  Dave Schmidt w/ Kai

111715  Marilu Henner w/ Katherine

111615  Jim Racheff, Chairman Livable Frederick

111215 Dominique Nicole Porter, chief of staff for Sen. Ron Young, w/ Katherine

111115  Scott Stump Desert Storm War Memorial w/ Katherine

110315  Linda Ryan Exec. Dir. Mission of Mercy w/ Katherine

110215  Ingrid Palmquist, Skyler, Caden and Lily “How Low Can We Go?” w/ Kai

102915 Jen Fifield Frederick News Post journalist w/ Katherine

102815 John Daniels Chair: Frederick County Solid Waste Steering Committee w/ Kai

102615 Jerry Donald Frederick County Council w/ Kai

102315 District 3A State Delegate Carol Krimm w/ Katherine

101915  Josh Bokee Frederick City Alderman w/ Kai

100715  Vivian Laxton Communications Dir. Office of the County Executive w/ Kai

100615  Guy Fletcher Editor-in-Chief Frederick Mag w/ Katherine

100115  Len Lazarick  MarylandReporter.com w/ Katherine

093015  County Executive Jan Gardner phone interview w/ Kai

092915  Tyler Manee Ability Prosthetics w/ Katherine

092815  Donna Betteridge w/ guest Blake Nations over50jobboard.com

092415  Great Frederick Fair -wrapping up the week at the Fair w/ Katherine Heerbrandt

092315  Great Frederick Fair – MD. Comptroller Peter Franchot, County Executive Jan Gardner, State Senator Ron Young, Frederick Councilman Jerry Donald

092215  Great Frederick Fair – Hayden Duke & Bob Rosensteel

091815  Chys Kefalas GOP candidate for US Senate

091715  Richard and Maryanne Hahn from Catoctin Zoo

091515 Natasha Bowens “The Color of Food”

091415 Kai Hagen & Dave Schmidt

091015 Katherine with Sheriff Chuck Jenkins

090815  Katherine with Barry Kissin (local activist, discussion 911 report 28 missing pages)

090315  Kai with Conrad Weaver (Emmitsburg resident, Producer/Director of the documentary “Thirsty Land” from Conjo Studios)

080615  Greg Sterner II, Tom Sherald & Missy Miller MyBudgetCoach
success story

080515  Katherine with Patrick Pexton (Editor, Frederick News Post)

073115  Thurmont Little League 9-10 MD State Champs

073015 Kai with John Dayton (resident of Frederick) about Backyard Chickens

072915  Katherine with Kevin Lollar (Exec. Dir. Housing Authority of Frederick)

072415  Julie McCloud Singer Songwriter, Clint Black Dream winner

071515  Kai with Delegate Karen Lewis Young discussing MD State song

070115  Katherine Heerbrandt with Joanne Ivancic (Exec. Dir. Advanced Biofuels USA)

062915  Kai with Derek Shackleford discuss race issues

062515  Jennifer Charlton Mission of Mercy

060815  Katherine Heerbrandt with Beth Willis (Chair, Frederick Containment Lab Advisory Committee)

060515  Chris Bugher (Marriage Resource Center of Frederick)

060315  Katherine Heerbrandt with Dan Patrell (outgoing Editor in Chief, Gorilla Magazine)

052615 Kai with Jan Gardner (Frederick County Executive)

052115  Kai with Kathryn Ruud (Founder of Stop Polarizing Talk)

052015  Katherine Heerbrandt with Jen Fifield (reporter with the Frederick News Post)

051815 Kai with  Kumar Barve (Maryland Delegate and candidate for MD 8th congressional district)

051415  Kai with Ron Young (Maryland State Senator, District 3)

050815  Kai with Mark Long continue the discussion about Narconon

050615  Kai and Dave Schmidt and callers discuss the Trout Run / Narconon controversy

042715  Kai with Jeanine Solberg and Brigitte Schmidt (May 9th Boonsboro Greenfest)

042315 Kai with Karen Lewis Young (Maryland State Delegate, District 3A)

042215  Kai with Jenny Willoughby (Sustainability Manager, City of Frederick)

042015  Kai with Tony Soltero (Treasurer of the Frederick County Democratic Central Committee)

041715  Kai with Mike Gastley (Frederick County Budget Director)

041615  Kai with Casey Day-Kells (Chair, “Time to Learn” — Frederick County Teacher’s Association)

041315  Kai and Jim (Trout Run, Transition Team report, Local crystal ball predictions hodgepodge.)

040715  Jim with Linda Norris (Chair of Frederick County Ethics Task Force)

040615  Kai with Jessica Fitzwater (Frederick County Council)

040215  Kai with Jan Gardner (Frederick County Executive)

033015  Kai with Harry Lashley (Brunswick City Council member)

032515  Katherine with Dan Patrell (Editor in Chief, Gorilla Magazine)

032415  Kai with Mary Ellen Mitchell (Director of Community Relations, Interfaith Housing Alliance)

031815  Kai with Steve McKay from RALE (Residents Against Landsdale Expansion)

031715  Kai, Jim and Mike

031615  Kai with Stephen Parnes (Director, Frederick Arts Council)

031115  Kai with Ryan Trout (Chairman, Frederick County Affordable Housing Council)

030915  Kai and Katherine with Donna Kuzemchak (Alderwoman, City of Frederick)

030315 Kai with Michael O’Connor (Alderman, City of Frederick)

030215 Kai with Elizabeth Cromwell (President, Frederick County Chamber of Commerce)

022615 Kai with Karen Lewis Young  (MD State Delegate from Frederick County)

022415 Kai with Alyssa Boxhill (Frederick City Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory)

022315 Kai with John Kinnaird (Mayor of Thurmont)

021915 Jim with MC Keegan-Ayer (County Council member from District 3)

021815 Kai with Gary Brennan (President, Frederick County Teachers Association)

021615 Kai with Steve McKay (RALE: Residents Against Landsdale Expansion)

021314 Kai with Mel Poole (Superintendent of Catoctin Mountain Park)

021215  Kai and Michael

021115  Kai with Dave Schmidt

021015 Kai with Jerry Donald (County Council member from District 1)

020915  Kai & Michael