Misandry and Lies Abound at Hood College Commencement

Today marked the graduation ceremony for Hood College’s Class of 2017. The commencement speaker for the event was Krishanti Vignarajah, former policy director for First Lady Michelle Obama. The 25 minute speech was nothing more than the usual partisan rancor, regurgitating factually-devoid Alt-Left talking points and catering to the extremist political nature of most of the University.

You can watch the commencement speech in it’s entirety here.

Let’s highlight some notable quotes:

I especially have to thank Hood college for conferring on me a honorary degree, officially making me a Doctor today. Although I have three advanced degrees, have served two first ladies, and am about to give the gift of like, I suspect only now will my 79 year old South Asian mother finally be proud of me.

You would think that a typical Hood College Social Justice Warrior would have heard this quote and screamed “racism.” Quite the opposite actually, most of them laughed at it.

And in politics, from the second term of the first black president to the election of the first orange one.

This is one of those jokes that really has not aged well. First off, I was never on the #TrumpTrain and did not vote for the man. Second, if you are only capable of ad hominem attacks against any politician and cannot oppose them on their policy or agenda, then you are just being intellectually lazy.

But I am also here to deliver a call to action, on behalf of a generation that desperately needs you. Today I want to talk with you about the historic progress and modern plight of women in this country.

You can get the feeling of where this is going. We’re going to get into some misandry before the speech is over. The so-called modern plight of women in the United States amounts to a series of false data used by feminist organizations to convince their donors to keep funding their salaries. It’s nothing more than a marketing gimmick. Maybe she was talking about manspreading as part of the modern plight of women?

A few years ago, even a few months ago, I would have hesitated to take on a topic that risked defining me by only one of the many things that defines me. But even that is one of those hesitations that men never have.

Um, WHUT are you talking about Janice? A quick perusal through any feminist literature does exactly this. It defines all men as part of the “patriarchy”, claims that all men are rapists, or that men revert to children when confronted with a powerful women. How about the media trope of all Dad’s as bumbling idiots that can’t use a mop or do nothing but sit on the couch? Men are consistently defined by their gender in damaging ways. So yes, we face these exact same hesitations. It is a human condition, not a gender condition.

Women remain underrepresented across the country in science and math. But here at Hood, with one exception, every one of your mathematics professors are women.

I thoroughly enjoy when a feminist speaker tells the truth. The hard reality of this dogma is that it is not about equality, it is about superiority.

Achieving true equality may be the one thing that women cannot do alone.

Well, she’s right here. True equality for men and women would mean some serious societal changes. I would love to hear more about how she plans to overcome the Occupational Fatality Gap (92.4% male), War Casualty Gap (99.8% male), the Sentencing Gap (63% more jail time for men), and the inclusion of women in Government-mandated slavery (selective service). I am sure that her and her feminist friends will don their pink hats and march on DC for “true equality” before year’s end.

For the first time, women equal or outnumber men in colleges and universities.

If this speech was being delivered in 1981, then the statement would be accurate. That was the first year that women received more college degrees than men. In fact, men are severely under-performing in higher education, to the point where the gender degree gap is a mirror image of the statistics in 1966.

More women than men will earn masters and doctorate degrees.

Another true statement, except she is a few years behind the times. Since at least 2010, more women have earned masters and doctorate degrees than men. You can clearly see that women will earn 52% more masters degrees and 7% more doctoral degrees.

Women have ascended from property and slavery to subordinate spouses and second-class citizens.

So….like you do know that both men and women have been slaves, right? Slavery has been around since the dawn of time and affected all genders. But let’s talk about this “second-class citizen” statement. If you look through the body of US Law, there is only one single obligation that a citizen has to the US Government without condition. That single obligation is to register for selective service at the age of 18. The only gender that has to register their identity with the Federal Government is men, women are exempted. The other obligations you are probably thinking of all have conditions (pay income taxes only if you make income, pay property taxes only if you own land, pay vehicle registration fees only if you own a car). Selective service is the only unconditional obligation, one which is borne completely by men.

So when a 36 year old commencement speaker says “equal pay for equal work is the exception”…It seems like she would be telling you something you already know…That was actually Gloria Steinem delivering a commencement address as Vassar nearly 50 years ago in 1970.

Criticizing a rabid feminist like Gloria Steinem is just too easy. Her body of work is the very definition of radical and extreme. Like for example in 1977 when she compared gender reassignment surgery to genital mutilation and stated “feminists are right to feel uncomfortable about the need for and uses of transsexualism.” Will there be a community forum and safe space for the Hood College students that are literally shaking over these transphobic remarks?

Women have quietly endured these every day inequities and many others for long enough. From not being called on in math class when you know you know the answer to being groped by a stranger on a crowded bus.

Ah yes, the generalized anecdote with no context meant to illicit an emotional reaction. Is there such a thing as groping? Absolutely. Are the people that do it creepy? Yes. Is it some nationwide epidemic? No. If someone is on a crowded bus, contact with another person is inevitable. Likely, this anecdotal “groping” is more like Fart Rape.

We see them in the culture of silence and shame that shrouds too many of our college campuses, where 1 in 3 women are raped or sexually assaulted during college.

This statistic comes from an incomplete and voluntary survey with little scientific credibility. A better source would be the FBI Bureau of Justice Statistics, which states that 6.1 out of 1,000 college age women will experience rape, sexual assault, or the threat of either. That rate is lower than the national average for the same age range (18-24) of women NOT in college (7 out of 1,000). So in the real world, this statistics is more like 1 in 180, not 1 in 3.

We see the broader impact here at home in Maryland where no women currently holds elected federal or state-wide office.

Well you know, we did have two women run for federal office here in Maryland. Amie Hoeber ran in the 6th Congressional District and Kathy Szeliga ran for Senate. Did any of these feminists who want female representation vote for either? I did.

Or imagine a world where women represent not 5%, not 55%, but 95% of the CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies.

This last line is more in the “feminist truth-speak” files. Equality would be 51%, which is congruent with the current male-female population ratios. But it’s never been about equality, it’s always about superiority. In this feminist mindset, advocating superiority is the only way to make up for the “historical inequality” or something. Well, do we punish people for the sins of their fathers or grandfathers? Nope. Why not? Because we cannot hold individuals responsible for actions that they did not participate in.

I e-mailed Hood College to ask a series of questions concerning the speaker, as a response I got the boilerplate “The opinions of the commencement speaker do not necessarily reflect those of the institution.” They did respond with a link to the crime statistics from the university, which you can find in their entirety here. Most of this report are goose eggs, big fat zeroes as far as reported crime. Note, these statistics are only for reported crimes, not for crimes that have been adjudicated in a court of law in front of a jury.

In 2015, Hood College had 3 reports of “forcible rape” and 2 reports of “dating violence”, out of a student population of 2,144. You do not need to be a Math Professor to figure out the statistics here, the University’s own crime reporting destroys the false narrative of “1 in 3 college women will be sexually assaulted.”

As the father of two boys, who will likely be brainwashed and emasculated by this far-left dogma before they even get into college, I only hope that I can instill in them enough value to not fall victim to the radical feminist agenda and lose sight of their own self-worth. Men are not expendable, men are not perpetrators, men are not dumb, men are not incapable, nor are men inherently evil. Which is what they will grow up hearing at school, in the media, and from the girls they want to kiss. As their father, I also hope they attend a University that recognizes their self-worth. That University is not Hood College.

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